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One of a kind hardware.
The Bel-2000 is the only electronic hardness tester available on the market. It is the Industry's standard in hardness testing on wound rolls for the paper industry.
All inclusive package.
All Bel-2000 Units come with everything pictured, including a heavy duty flight case for storage and transport, and the Gen II software. Our software has been tested on the latest versions of Windows.
Industry Standards
The Bel-2000 is strongly recommended for hard paper rolls only, but some customers have been successful with using it on some thicker films and thicker plastics.
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Bel-2000 Gen II - Theory

The Bel-2000 analyzes the digital wave-shape generated by the impulse hammer when it is tapped against a roll of wound material. The force of the impact is captured by a transducer in the Bel-2000 hammer. The force and the duration of the impact varies with the hardness of the material. When a roll of material tapped, the force signal from the hammer rises from zero to a maximum peak value and then returns to zero. The shape of that wave is used to calculate the hardness value, called RHO.
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The Bel-2000 hammer produces an analog signal that is digitized by the system microprocessor using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

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